Here's everything you need to hibernate through January

  • Everything you need to hibernate your way through January >>>

  • A faux fur blanket to not leave your grasp until February 1, seen at Zara about 60€

  • Some cuteness overload with this Panda-cushion, seen at Sass and Belle about 15€

  • Of course you can't walk around barefoot... jazz up your loungewear with some dragon slippers, seen at ASOS about 20€

  • A subscription to all the reality TV you will ever need via Hayu, free for 30 days

  • Wether it's for the first or the hundredth time, Seht Cohen makes everything better - The OC Box Set via Amazon, about 50€

  • GOOD (and ok) way to expensive chocolate... Mast Brothers choc bar, about 10€

  • We don't care that this is probably made for a five year old... we want one! Seen at John Lewis, about 20€

  • You can't hibernate with a new cosy pair of jammies, Topshop about 30€

  • Bedding, that will make you feel as if you're wrapped in cotton wool, only not as itchy - Next fleece bedding 30 - 60€

  • "I heart New York" by Lindsey Kelk is the ultimate chick lit - read it already! About 7€

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    Just don't leave the house til February 1.

    Hands down! Who of us really wants to be social and all that jazz in January, when it’s basically THE month, to just stay warm and cuddly in bed and hibernate your way through winter… right?!

    All we want to do, is curl up in a ball of blankets and carbohydrates, watching as many episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Real Houswives Of Beverly Hills, for no apparent reason.

    In order to help you get you through these icy days, we present you our ultimate survival guide of homeware, lounge wear and everything in between…


    Friday, 20. January 2017