Here are 12 of the most shocking Teen Mom 2 moments

  • 12 of the most shocking Teen Mom scandals >>>

  • GUILTY! When Amber served some time for breaching her probation...

  • Naughty Catelynn! Do we need to say more?

  • Busted! Kailyn's ex Jo Rivera got arrested...

  • Jenelles's been arrested multiple times...

  • And fiery Farrah was thrown out of rehab for being a "disruptive influence" #LOL

  • Cutting it fine! Jenelle finally got divorced from courtland Rogers a week before giving birth to Nathan Griffin's baby...

  • Double trouble! Jenelle flashed her 5.000 dollar boob job on Instagram...

  • SHOCK! The time Leah fessed up that she had a one night stand the night before her wedding!

  • ... and got divorced six months later!

  • Laying it all bare! Kailyn caused controversy for sharing her breastfeeding pics with the world.

  • OUCH! Macy's ex, Ryan suffered heavy bleeding after a head-on car crash

  • WOW... remember the time, Farrah got her mum arrested?

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    From car crashes, one night stand before the weeding day, drug abuse, divorces AND so much more…

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    Here are 12 scandalous Teen Mom 2 moments, we probably already forgot about!

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    Wednesday, 18. January 2017