NEW SHOW: Baby Faced Brides | Teaser

Get ready for tantrums, tiaras and tears!

In MTV’s brand-new series, Baby Faced Brides we will follow the stories of three child bride-zillas, gearing up to their big day, with being only 17-something-years old.

Form the dress to the church, the actual WILD wedding and the honeymoon, we’ll follow the girls on their entire journey. Capturing every argument, disaster and meltdown in the run up to getting hitched.

Get ready for tantrums, tears and tiaras as three very different baby-faced brides plan the weddings of an up until now, very short lifetime.

Tune in for MTV’s brand-new series Baby Faced Brides, premiering on January 21 at 18:00 – only on MTV!

Tuesday, 17. January 2017