12 celebs who might have been using a little photoshop

  • 13 celebs who have been accused of using photoshop and we don't know what to believe anymore >>>

  • 1. Kylie Jenner: Fan have claimed Kylie Photoshopped her leg and accidently put a weird wart on her knee. After some investigation it looks more like it's a plant that's out of frame.

  • 2. Mariah Carey: Mariah has to be queen of Photoshopping so fans were quick to point out that the cabinet and counter were distorted.

  • 3. Kim Kardashian: Kimmy K’s got to be one of the worst Photoshop offenders with multiple Instagrams looking not quite right.

  • 4. Beyonce: Queen B quickly deleted this snap after fans noticed the stairs were squint. #editing

  • 5. Miranda Kerr: Miranda looked like she’d Photoshopped multiple versions of this dress throughout the night and she was given away by the wiggly carpet. Do we really live in a world where a VS model needs to edit her pics? FML.

  • 6. Aubrey 'O Day: Oh haaaaaiii squiggly chair.

  • 7. Amanda Holden: When your ocean view looks like an optical illusion, it’s time to calm down.

  • 8. Khloe Kardashian: Koko admitted to a little Photoshop in this and soon deleted and re-posted sans edit.

  • 9. Holly Hagan: Fans thought the lumpy bit on Holly’s pins were a sign of altering but Holly hit back saying they were just ‘fat pockets’ and surely she would delete them if she was going to Photoshop her snaps. Fair point.

  • 10. Paris Hilton: What’s happened to your arm Paris? Has it worn away from carrying all those designer handbags?

  • 11. John Mayer: Oh John. Facetune much?

  • 10. Lindsey Lohan: What's going on with your bum there Li-Lo? It's lookin' a bit odd gurl.

  • 12. Lauren Goodger: Lauren is not stranger to Photoshopping her pics before posting. And no one was letting the fact that the tiles on the ground were squint slide.

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    ... and we just don't know what to believe anymore.

    Obsessing over our beloved and annoyingly flawless celebs – hands down – is one of the main reasons we’re on Instagram. Scrolling up and down, wondering how they stay this as fit as they are, to the feel a bit bad for not hitting gym since forever…

    Well dear stalker-friends, we think it’s about to time, to break this negative cycle and feel a bit cheated on as some of our celeb faves – believe it or not – seem to be getting a little extra help with their photos. AKA PHOTOSHOP

    Tuesday, 17. January 2017