17 Valentine's day cards you can actually send to that special someone

  • 17 valentine's day cards you could actually send without dying of cringe >>>

  • "Sack o' Dick" V-Card, seen at Ohh Dear

  • Drizzy Card, seen at Ohh Dear

  • Galentine's Card, seen on Etsy

  • "I lava you" card from idlewild.com

  • "Sealed with a kiss" card, from Ohh Dear

  • "Things I do for love" card, from Ohh Dear

  • "Prince Charming" card, from Ohh Dear

  • "That Booty" greeting card, from Ohh Dear

  • "10 out of 11 Stranger Things" greeting card, seen on Etsy

  • "To do" card from Urban Outfitters

  • Pizza time card from Suzuki Studio

  • "You Taco my breath away" card from Urban Outfitters

  • "I only have eyes for you" card, seen on idlewild.com

  • "You're hot card" from Small Adventure

  • Justin Bieber card from nocturnalpaper, seen on Etsy

  • The "honest" card from Ohh Dear

  • The "BFF" card from nocturnalpaper, seen on Etsy

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    Make 'em laugh!

    Again… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re all loved up, have your eye on a new bae or you just wanna show your BFF that they’re that special one to you, the best way to it with a card.

    THEN WELCOME ALONG, cause here are 17 Valentines-Day cards, that are sort of acceptable, to send someone this February 14th – you’re more than welcome!

    Friday, 10. February 2017