F***boys? Nah! Here are 6 things which are scientifically proven to be better for you

  • 1. Laughing: Laughing is a massage of your insides. 10 to 15 minutes of giggles are enough to have a positive impact on your health and mood and it reduces the risk of heart disease too. So even if your ex was a clown, don’t give up on the jokes and bear in mind that nothing compares to a good laugh with the squad.

  • 2. Reading: According to a study made by the University of Sussex, it only takes 6 minutes of reading to calm yourself down. Fiction, philosophy, comics, poetry…It doesn’t really matter as long as you focus on the pages and the anxiety vanishes. Meanwhile bad boys give us insomnia and grey hair. Books don’t lie, books aren’t jealous and if you don’t like a book, you can just stop reading and move on to the next one.

  • 3. Working-Out: Yes, it doesn’t seem like fun but wait until you try the coregasm. That’s a peak of pleasure felt while you are doing abs, cardio, yoga or whatever physical exercise you’re into. And the beauty of it is that even if nothing happens during your SoulCycle sesh, well, you’ll *never* feel the need to fake it! Ahem.

  • 4: Work: Even if multitasking is completely your thing, being distracted by all the boys and their dramas can make your life more difficult. Without all this insanity, you can get a whole lot work done! When a f***boy is being a pain in the bum, it makes it really difficult to focus, and can even affect friendships and family ties…Better play it solo and get that promotion, gurl!

  • 5. Travel: According to a study from the University of Ohio, people who travel are more prone to trust others, are more humble, less depressed and more productive at work. A f***boy can have the exact opposite effect: exhaustion, trust issues, depression, and stress when he inevitably doesn’t answer your 234 texts.

  • 6. Drink: According to a Study from the university of Birmingham, love has the same effects on the brain as alcohol, because it activates production of a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone regulates goof feelings like empathy, tenderness, self-confidence…but also jealousy, aggressive behaviours and carelessness. The bottom line is: loving someone equals 5 shots of tequila and may end in you feeling a little Drunk in Love. Except that a hangover only lasts one day while a broken heart takes longer to mend… travel

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