Wait what? Snapchat might be launching a smartphone!

Sounds exciting!

If this rumor appears to be true, things could be shaken up on the smartphone market… watch out iPhone and Google!

Again this is not a confirmed statement nor anything close to that, BUT the following speculations are not that far fetched either.

The plot: The marketing firm Mediakix reckons, that there’s a big possibility, that Snapchat will be releasing it’s own Smartphone ‘soon’.

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For them it just seems to be the next logical step, after releasing their video-recording Spectacles. Especially because Snap Inc. have apparently recently rebranded as a ‘camera company’, which is included in their IPO filing, and also because of its recent hires, which involved the company advertising a slew of hardware-related engineering and design roles, with many of these new employees coming from backgrounds at Google, Motorola and Apple.


If you’re now wondering what a Snapchat phone might look like, Mediakix also had an ideas of their own:

Lets see if this rumor really appears to be true…

Friday, 17. February 2017