Drama's on: After Bella Thorne commented on Louis Thomlinson's picture

So much shade!

Bella Thorne was the victim of quite the backlash yesterday, all because of a one worded comment she left on Louis Tomlinson’s Instagram photo.

Bella Thorne had to experience some backlash galore yesterday, after commenting on Louis Thomlinson’s Instagram snapshot.

With simply writing ‘Awww’ under Louis’ pic and his suspected new girlband which he’s formed, the actress (and us) probably didn’t think of that of a heavy and heated reaction from fans.

Comments such as ‘stay in your lane’, ‘never come back’ and ‘wrooongggg guyyyy move alongg’ were aimed at Bella, as well as accusations of this being her attempt at trying to get together with Louis.

Now everyone take a DEEP BREATH… in, out, in, out!

Friday, 17. February 2017