Here are the latest rumors on Harry Styles debut solo album

The ex-One Directioner has been spotting leaving a London recording studio!

Whilst we’re still waiting on some kind of official statement, when we can actually expect Harry Styles’ first solo LP to drop, let’s encrypt the latest post hiatus news on this topic.

In today’s first hiatus record news: Hazza was actually spotted leaving a London recording studio. We repeat. LEAVING A RECORDING STUDIO IN LONDON.

Naturally, not only we, but also fans were getting all kinds of excited bout this latest sighting as it kinda sparks the rumor, that Harry’s music MUST be coming really quite soon.

But hold your breaths everyone, as this isn’t the only thing, which had us shouting from the roofs this week, as 1D's fave hairdresser, Lou Teasdale’s latest Insta post proves quite the point:

Captioning her time-lapse GIF with ‘werk’, it’s more than clear, that it’s Harry on set of, well, doing something. We repeat. HARRY ON SET.

Now whilst we’re still figuring out what Hazza’s exactly up to, we’ll just go back to waiting on any other snippets of info we can get into our hands.


Monday, 06. March 2017