Selena Gomez takes her relationship with The Weeknd to the next level

Sweater weather!

In the many – more or less subtle ways – to confirm your and your bae’s relationship, there’s one step, that’s definitely even more legit then making the whole thing Instagram-official.

Speaking of Instagram-officialness – Selena Gomez and The Weeknd – took that step like aaaages ago (somewhere in Italy).

Naturally, Selena obviously now felt like taking the whole thing one step further. And no, we’re not talking about ‘that ring on that finger’, Beyonce. We’re talking about the good ol’ boyfriend sweater weather situation. You know, the time when you start wearing your bae’s clothes, which basically translates into: His is mine, mine is his, all is good in the hood(y).

Good move, SelGo!

Wednesday, 15. March 2017