8 signs you need a break from that 'one' friend

  • 1. They always seemed to be annoyed at you… So confusing, so tiring.

  • 2. They constantly flake on you… The absolute worst.

  • 3. When you see them you never know what mood they will be in… I’m walking on eggshells, woooaaaahhhh…

  • 4. You don’t tell them the full story because you’re worried they’ll tell someone else... Gotta trust your squad, fam.

  • 5. You feel drained from all their problems... When is the last time they asked about you?

  • 6. You are nervous to tell them you’ve been promoted/got a boyfriend/got the Kyshadow palette you wanted because they’ll just be upset it wasn’t them… There is no room for jealousy in friendship. FACT.

  • 7. You told them you’d been dumped and it took them six hours to call you... NOT OKAY.

  • 8. You hear that they are annoyed at you but they never tell you to your face… I’M NOT A MIND READER.

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    We all have 'em.

    We all have that ‘one’ friend…! You know, that one, when you come back more exhausted and annoyed then you actually should.

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    Monday, 20. March 2017