All the times the Geordie girls were twinning with the Kardashians

  • All the times the Geordie Girls were twinning with the Kardashians >>>

  • Marnie stealing Kim's snazzy ruched trousers.

  • Chloe doing nude on nude with a casual jacket just like Kylie.

  • Marnie stepping out in a nude bodysuit a la Kim.

  • Sophie stealing Khloe's pale fur neutrals.

  • And then Sophie stealing Kim's super glam white fur.

  • Marnie chanelling the latest Yeezy collection as seen on Kylie.

  • Charlotte wearing those crazy see-through boots that Kylie loves.

  • Sophie doing the whole bright red casual dress with knee high boots thang from Kylie.

  • Charlotte and Kendall both wearing dresses that need a bit of repair work.

  • Sophie basically dressed as Khloe in jeans and a bodysuit.

  • Charlotte repping the Yeezy merch (sort of) like wifey Kim.

  • Chloe looking glam with a silky leg bomb on the red carpet just like Kylizzle.

  • While Holly does plunging black leg bombs just like Khloe.

  • And last but not l east, Marnie slaying in a Kimmy K-inspired, barely there dress.

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    Who is who?

    From a badass selection of extremely sassy ladies and an all powerful matriarch leading the gang (Kris Jenner and Anna would basically be BFFs), Geordie Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians are obviously the best TV Shows in the entire universe.

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    But that’s not everything what the Geordie- and the Kardashian girls have in common… both have a pretty similar sense of style, too.

    Don’t believe us? Well, we do have proof! Here are all the times, that the Geordie Shore lasses channeled their inner Kardashian to the max.

    Friday, 21. April 2017