Wait what? Did Harry Styles finally get on Snapchat?!

Well... kind of!

If there’s anything missing, when it comes to Harry Styles phenomenal comeback, it’s definitely him missing on Snapchat. But beware little snapchatters, cause Harry F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got on the ‘chat’… well… kind of.

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I mean, Harry wouldn’t be Harry, if he’d actually had a full account (what a spoil sport). So instead, he simply took over the entire platform, with his very own filter, which just so happens to include a sneak preview of new track ‘Woman’ – lucky us.

Naturally fans have gotten pretty into it the exclusive Hazza, creating some extremely Harry-esque snaps, of the man of the moment…

So yeah, whilst Harreh's still not on Snapchat per se, we’ll stick to what we can get.

Thursday, 11. May 2017