Kendall Jenner falling off a bike is the highlight of the day

PS: No one got hurt!

If schadenfreude sometimes isn’t the best of all the freude, than we don’t know either or something’s entirely wrong with us.

Then as soon as we saw Kendall Jenner falling on her face, we didn’t exactly shed a tear, because lets face it, that girl simply always looks the pinnacle of poised.

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Oh… what happened was… the supermodel was riding her bike through a vineyard, when she somehow forgot to use the breakes and made a not so model-like tumble to the ground.

Thankfully her sis Khloe was around to capture this moment in its entire gracefulness:

Gladly Kenny didn’t get hurt, her face is beautiful as ever and she surely is that kind of girl, who can share a good laugh about herself.

Thanks for making our day!

Wednesday, 17. May 2017