Harry's rumoured new girlfriend Tess Ward opens up on being his girl

"It's horrible!"

It’s been ‘a while’, since Tess Ward and Harry Styles first sparked rumours – when both were seen in the same car, oh and then she borrowed one of his shirts for the polo – and both have been very keen on remaining pretty tight lipped about their assumed romance.

But now, the time has finally come, that Tess has – more or less voluntarily – spoken out on her and Harry being an item, claiming all of this new attention is ‘horrible’.

Chatting to The Times for an interview – probably more about her career as a chef and food blogger in the first place – the conversation naturally turned to some fans, that have been flooding her social media pages, ever since it was reported that she’s appaz dating Harry.

‘At the moment, I’m getting a lot of direct messages there, but I respectfully chose not to reply to them, because they’re all… interesting. I want a break!’

‘It’s been so weird, the hate messages … very bizarre. I’m not the kind of person who’s interested in fame and if you’re put in an environment which you don’t understand and you can’t control and you don’t want it’s horrible … I just want to do what I love and that’s cook, it really is,’ Tess explained.

All in all – to our and everyone’s disappointment – Tess gossed entirely nothing on the actual dating deets, replying when asked, if she and Hazza are a thing:

‘I literally don’t have anything to say about that.’

Oh well… we’ll just have to be patient, wait and see, if both are ready for a couple name… soon ish.

Thursday, 18. May 2017