We know who Harry Styles' mystery girl in his song "Carolina" is

Mystery solved!

The minute that Harry Styles admitted, that his song ‘Carolina’ is about one particular girl, the Internet – and us – has had its Sherlock Holmes on, searching for that one particular human being.

With her legit name even being in the actual lyrics, it couldn’t be ‘that’ hard to get on some mystery solving path:

‘Moved all the way cause her grandma told her / ’Townes, better swim before you drown.’

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According to the Daily Mail the song is dedicated to Townes Adair Jones. Harry and her went on a ‘blind date with’ and shared a ‘memorable night’ together – SAUCY -during Hazzah's short break from recording his album.

‘Townes is still spinning over it, it was a shock, such a surprise,’ a source told the Daily Mail, although neither party have confirmed any of this.

PS: If you ever want to write a song about us, just go for it Harry… just go!

Friday, 19. May 2017