Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Her Breakup With Tyga On 'Life Of Kylie'

Kylie reveals the struggles with having a relationship in the spotlight.

Even though Kylie Jenner has been on our screens for a long time, she has always remained pretty quiet about her personal life, until now.

Viewers have been learning a whole lot about the star since the release of her new show, Life of Kylie, including why her relationship with Tyga was so difficult.

In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode, Kylie opens up about the struggles of having a relationship while being famous.

The clip shows Caitlyn Jenner trying to comfort her daughter while Kylie admits: “The hardest part about having a relationship for me is just that it’s blasted all over the Internet,”

Okay Kylie doesn’t actually state Tyga’s name, but the pair were involved in a seriously high-profile relationship for two years.

Kylie added: “You have to hear about other people’s opinions on who you’re with. It’s a lot. Most of the time it’s just not true. Like, you have no idea what I’m like in a relationship, [or] what kind of bond I have with somebody else.”

“You cannot win with Internet. There’s no winning. It’s just unnecessary negativity. I feel like I’m in a relationship with the world sometimes,”

Watch the clip below:

Friday, 18. August 2017