MTV Records: J Hus

Hit maker J Hus goes record shopping with MTV.

“Music doesn’t last as long as it used to. It’s here one day and gone tomorrow.”

One artist who’s determined not to be yesterday’s news is East London rapper J Hus who, earlier this year, shot into the mainstream, hitting No.9 with his breakout track ‘Did You See.’ He’s also signed a deal with Epic Records and released his critically lauded debut album Common Sense – an impressive 12 months for the former playground doughnut hustler.

We wanted to get to get to know him a little bit better so we invited J Hus record shopping in London’s Sister Ray Records.

Happening upon the Michael Jackson classic album Thriller, he beamed: “This is the first album/CD I got, my favourite! I tried to do the moonwalk and that, couldn’t really do it though. [He’s the] ultimate pop star innit? This my guy!”

Finding his own album Common Sense in the stacks, he lit up. "Where do we start? My favourite [track] is ‘Plottin.’ We kinda like merged it with a garage sound and obviously, [it’s more about] what I’m saying on it because people meet me in real life and say they think I’m shy and that. I just say “I’m not shy, I’m just plotting!” I’m thinking a thousand different things innit. so that’s my favourite one – it’s like a statement."

“I also love ‘Spirit’,” he added. "I wanted to make something that’s uplifting, like real music that people can just you know, just hold your head high music.

“I’ve been in situations where, you know… everyone goes through things in life innit? So I wanted to make a tune that’s uplifting, I’m about to film this and it’s the next hit hopefully! Hopefully people enjoy it.”

Watch the exclusive interview with MTV Records and J Hus above!

Friday, 25. August 2017