9 Female Celebs Who Proudly Flaunted Their Armpit Hair

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  • Julia Roberts: There’s probably no one more beautiful than 90s Julia Roberts rocking up on the Notting Hill premiere red carpet - complete with full on arm pit hair.

  • Lourdes: When you’ve grown up with actual Madonna as your mum, we’re assuming that your feminism is pretty on point. So it’s no wonder that daughter Lourdes is showing off the body hair and ditching the expected beauty standards for women.

  • Drew Barrymore: Celebs don’t come much more Cool Girl Chic ready than Drew Barrymore, and she’s stepped out numerous times over the years with body hair proudly on show without a second thought.

  • Miley Cyrus: She even dyed her armpit hair baby pink once, and if that doesn’t match your aesthetic then we don’t know what will.

  • Britney Spears: Even Britney bloody Spears can’t be arsed to get rid of her armpit hair, and if you’re gonna listen to anyone in life then it should probably be her.

  • Michelle Rodriguez: If a Fast and Furious star says something’s badass then that thing is officially badass, so who needs such a thing as razors anymore?

  • Paris Jackson: The beautiful, always stylish, boho babe, child of the King Of Pop, Paris Jackson doesn't bother to shave her armpits either, and she's totally fine with it.

  • Bella Thorne: We all know by now that you can rely on Bella Thorne to raise a few eyebrows, and if you’re looking for someone to wear heart shaped nipple pasties, a see-through body suit and add glitter to her armpit hair, she’s your gal.

  • Madonna: Hairy armpits are a thing in the Madonna household, as not only does Lourdes flaunt the natural look, but so does Madge herself.

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    Let it grow, let it grooow.

    Whether it’s your legs, your pubes or your armpits, it’s a fact of life that women DO have body hair.

    And let’s be honest, it’s pretty useful stuff – it gives you an extra layer of warmth in the winter, it’s there to protect you from bacterias, and it’s also silky soft.

    As beauty standards are shifting, almost one in four young women have stopped shaving their armpits according to recent research.

    Thinking of embracing the natural look for a while? Take some inspo from the lovely bunch of celebs who’ve all embraced the magic of armpit hair.

    Check out the gallery above!

    Tuesday, 06. February 2018