MTV PUSH: Hayley Kiyoko

Get to know our April MTV PUSH, Hayley Kiyoko!

Hayley Kiyoko is living evidence that desire and hard work will get you places.

Through passion, dedication and pure artistry, Hayley Kiyoko has quickly inspired a worldwide audience.

With early single Girls Like Girls and EP This Side of Paradise receiving critical acclaim whilst generating millions of streams and views, it was clear from that start that Kiyoko had something special.

After starring in various film productions such as Insidious 3 and the Netflix original movie, XOYO, she found her next creative evolution in the form of major label debut EP, CITRINE.

“Throughout the process, I learned my essence is essentially speaking the truth and writing music that tells stories as well as covers extraordinary, sometimes taboo concepts and themes in pop music”, she explains. “On This Side of Paradise, I was a little timid in terms of how far I wanted to go. On this EP, I went all out.”

Her latest singles Let It Be and Curious, which is our focus track for the month, have already received over 13 million Spotify streams between them.

Whilst obviously helping to further her rapid trajectory towards pop stardom, it’s Hayley’s fresh, focused and fiery perspective to pop music that makes her stand out from the rest.

“When people listen to my music, I want everybody to feel included and not alone,” she concludes. “I want to show it’s okay to feel everything: happiness, sadness, loss, and love. I’d love to be that young female who can empower, making others feel beautiful and great about themselves.”

That’s the most magical thing of all.

We’re so excited to have the incredibly talented Hayley Kiyoko as our Push act for April.

Stay tuned this month for some very special exclusive content!

Monday, 02. April 2018