'Just Tattoo Of Us' Is Back With A Crazy New Season

The new season is going to be ink-sane.

YES! After two seasons of insane tattoos, Just Tattoo Of Us is back for a third series and it’s had a fresh makeover!

On June 1, Charlotte Crosby is once again opening the most extreme tattoo parlour in the world where friends, family members and couples will come to test their relationships to the limit with some insane tattoos, chosen by each other.

And this season Charlotte has roped in former Geordie Shore pal Scotty T to host the show with her. Why aye, youse two!

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In an exclusive interview with MTV for the new season, Charlotte said: “I think we were the fun ones [on Geordie Shore], we always had a laugh. So the fact that we are working together again on a new show – it’s just carnage. It’s going to be so crazy.”

But is it everything Scotty T expected?

Talking about his first season on Just Tattoo Of Us, Scott told us: “It was bonkers. I didn’t think it was going to be that bad, watching people get tattooed. I thought people were going to get little tramp stamps, but you’re talking back pieces, leg pieces, f*cking genital pieces. It is nuts man.”


Don’t miss the season premiere of Just Tattoo of Us, June 1st at 20:00 on MTV!

Monday, 28. May 2018