10 Celebrities Who Used Their Fame For Good

  • 1. Leonardo DiCaprio: The actor has always been passionate at eco-activism, having founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation at the tender age of twenty-five in 1998. He has since contributed over $10 million to eco-systems projects and has funded over 200+ projects to help protect the environment from irreversible damage.

  • 2. Emma Watson: The UN Women Goodwill Ambassador spoke up about gender equality activism in a speech back in 2014 and has since thrown her support behind HeForShe – a movement that encourages everyone, including men and boys, to champion global gender equality.

  • 3. Laverne Cox: While she’s best known for starring on Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, the LGBTQ+ activist has produced several documentaries on what it’s like to be a trans person and was honoured for her work by GLAAD with the Stephen F. Kolzak award in 2014.

  • 4. Elton John: Back in 1992, he launched the Elton John AIDS Foundation to support people living with HIV. Since its inception, the foundation has raised over $125 million to support HIV/AIDS prevention, education and service programs in fifty-five countries around the world.

  • 5. Asthon Kutcher: The actor has been working to stop human trafficking through his non-profit organization, Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children. Just days ago, it was revealed that the company has directly helped 5894 child sex trafficking victims.

  • 6. Kim Kardashian: he Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently met with President Donald Trump to discuss prison reform after learning about the lifetime sentencing of first-time drug offender, Alice Marie Johnson. She has promised she'll do "whatever it takes" to secure a presidential pardon.

  • 7. Taylor Swift: The singer keeps plenty of her charitable endeavors under wraps but is known to have donated $250,000 to help Kesha in her sexual abuse case against Dr Luke. She also helps fans directly by donating to individuals through DoSomething.org and made a "generous donation" to a sexual assault charity after winning a groping lawsuit against a radio DJ.

  • 8. John Legend: The singer heads up the Show Me Campaign and LRNG, which seeks to provide a good education for every child living in America. He’s also known to have worked with educational organisations Teach for America, Teach for All, Harlem Village Academies, and New Profit.

  • 9. Eva Longoria: The Desperate Housewives star established the Eva Longoria Foundation, which helps young Latinas with scholarships, mentorship, and career support. She is also the national spokesperson for PADRES Contra El Cancer (Parents Against Cancer).

  • 10. Angelina Jolie: The actress and Goodwill Ambassador teamed up with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2001 and has been on a number of well-documented missions around the world to help refugees and those living in war-torn countries.

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    These celebs put their fame and fortune to good use.

    There are plenty of celebrities out there who use their fame for more than just skipping queues at Planet Hollywood, being bumped up to first-class for free, or making $100,000 from a single #spon post on Instagram.

    From Kim Kardashian to Leonardo DiCaprio, the following ten A-Listers decided to use their platform for good by opening up discussions that really made a difference in the world.

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    Friday, 08. June 2018