Celebrities Who Got In Trouble With The Law

  • 1. Justin Bieber: In January 2014, Bieber was arrested in Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving with an expired licence and resisting arrest. He admitted to have been drinking, smoking weed and taken prescription drugs prior to driving. Not a good look. This caused so much chaos at the time that over 270,000 Americans petitioned for the White House to deport him back to Canada.

  • 2. Naomi Campbell: In January 2007, Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty to assaulting her former housekeeper - she threw a Blackberry (that’s a mobile phone, kids) at her maid, so the old story goes - and was sentenced to community service in New York, among other requirements.

  • 3. Nicole Richie: The reality star-turned-fashion mogul-turned comedic actress had a slight run-in with the police back in December 2006 after it had been noticed that a car was driving down the wrong side of the motorway. She was quickly arrested and given a DUI.

  • 4. Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay Lohan has been in trouble with the law many times in her life, ever since she first got arrested in 2007. She was charged with her first DUI, and she would get her second one just two months later when she was also found with cocaine on her. She went to rehab and spent three months in jail this year after the second arrest but it wasn’t the end of her legal troubles. After leaving jail, she was on probation but broke this several times (for missing a court hearing because she was in Cannes, for example), meaning she would return to jail in 2010 for two weeks.

  • 5. Cardi B: In October 2018, rap queen Cardi B turned herself into the police for allegedly setting up an attack on two bartenders in a New York City bar a few months prior. Cardi was accused of plotting and paying for the attack, which apparently started after rumours of her husband Offset being unfaithful with one (or both?) of the women.

  • 6. Paris Hilton: The reality TV mogul was arrested in 2006 for driving while under the influence, resulting in an iconically smug mugshot and major complications in the shooting of her and Nicole Richie’s TV show The Simple Life.

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    Cardi B, Justin Bieber, and more stars who crossed the law.

    Singers, actors, rappers and supermodels might seem like untouchable superhuman beings, but there’s one thing that makes us all the same: the law.

    That’s right, nobody can get away with drunk driving, paying hitmen to beat up your enemies or hitting the help, no matter how much money is in the bank.

    We’re revisiting some of the many scandals (and mugshots) that stars have given us over the years.

    Check out 6 celebrities who got in trouble with the law in the gallery above!

    Monday, 22. October 2018