Interview with Robin

Twelve quick ones with EMA-nominated Robin Packalen...

We catched up with EMA-nominated & finnish superstar Robin who gave us the inside scoop on his nomination, his shoe style & much more. Check out our 12 question interview below:

You released the album ‘Koodi’ in the beginning of the 2012, which song is your favorite from the album? And why?
it’s frontside ollie! i like it because it’s powerful and energetic :-)

Your mega hit ‘Frontside Ollie’ makes us wonder – are you a good skateboarder yourself?
actually i have to say i’m not so good skateboarder… ;)

Your new album (name of the album CHILLAA ) will be released in October, what can your fans expect from it?
i think my fans can expect new, different kind of songs from me but still fresh and energetic music ;) i hope they like my new album ;)

What is the story behind your shoe style?
I just had similar shoes with my friend but different color and i did get an idea to try how it looks like ;) That’s it ;) i thought this would be my story on stage ;) at the moment i use shoes like that every day ;) i have seen my fans use shoes like me . it’s funny ;)

You are still quite young – how do you juggle school-life with your career?
people near me take care everything goes well. School is very important to me and i’ll do my best for it ;)

What’s the biggest thing you have learned on your path to popularity? it’s very important to trust what you are doing and don’t care what people say about it. ;) be yourself and also remember to be modest ;)

If you could choose any artist in the world, who would you sing a duet with?
good question.. ;) i haven’t thought about that yet ;))

Do you have a favorite music video? If so, explain why is it your favorite?
definitely PSY, Gangnam style ;)) it’s just such a funny video .

This is the first time you are nominated for a MTV EMA award, how does it feel?
i don’t know what to say.. Wow and great ! ;))

What is you secret tactic to get the most votes for Best Finnish Act?
i haven’t got a secret tactic. i just can hope and trust my fans vote for me ;)

Being nominated for an MTV EMA creates an international buzz, are you ready to “take over the world”?
*The fact is that i’m quite young and i think i would be ready to do it but first i have to attend my school.. ;)) let’s see, maybe some day it’s possible ;)) *

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Wednesday, 26. September 2012