Kim K = The Queen of Instagram

  • We also want a Hip-Hop husband to rent a stadium, hire an orchestra and propose to us.

  • We love her selfies!

  • We also want a Hip-Hop husband as an accessory

  • We want the fabulous family


  • We want those curves

  • We also want the luxury treatments… Oh wait.

  • We want the cutest baby alive (with the most expensive toy ever)

  • And then there are these moments…

  • We also want a Hip-Hop husband.

  • Let's face it: we want Kimmie's life.

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    She's has 12 million followers on instagram - here's why!

    If Justin Bieber is the king of Instagram, Kim Kardashian is the queen. Even though her reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is quite revealing, 12 million people still crave an exclusive look into Kim’s private life. That’s more followers than artists like Beyoncé, One Direction, and Rihanna has. Check out what it is that makes us keep wanting more in the gallery above!

    Thursday, 09. January 2014