The Ultimate Hot Celeb Sibling Gallery

  • Zac Efron and his brother Dylan.

  • Meet Taylor Swifts pretty hot brother (right), Austin! HEY AUSTIN!

  • Poppy Delevingne is a model too - SURPRISE!

  • WOWZ look at Gemma Styles. Hazza's sister. DNA jackpot we guess!

  • Here we have the "Ora's". Rita and her sis Elena.

  • Blake Lively and her brother Eric plus sweet momma Lively.

  • Of course the entire Franco family is handsome AF. Meet Dave (to the left).

  • We're not introducing these two to youl. You should know better ;)

  • The Hadid sisters and their baby brother #DNAGOALS

  • Derek Hough and his sis Julianne.

  • Meet the Watson's.

  • We know(les) these two of course. Bey and Solange <3

  • Ariana Grande her brother Frankie

  • The Hemsworth brothers <3 <3 <3

  • Robert Pattinson's sisters Lizzy and Victoria.

  • No there not twins but definitely babelicious. Penelope Cruz and her sis Monica.

  • I'm sure all of you (girls) know Brody Jenner <3

  • Jaden & Willow Smith so purrrrrdy!

  • The Jonas Brothers! They're not a band anymore, but still brothers. Very handsome ones too!

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    Hotness obviously does run in the family.

    Of course, we ALL know bout the hot, hotter then hot Jenner, Kardashian and Knowles siblings. Sure! But beware, cause if you (really) thought it couldn’t get any hotter then them – sorry – you were totally wrong and we’ve got proof.

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    Cause well, did you know about Zac Efrons pretty hot brother?! Go check on him – and on many others – in our ‘Ultimate Hot Celebrity Sibling Gallery’ above and try not to fall in love… TRY!

    Thursday, 16. July 2015