Steve-O Arrested After SeaWorld Protest

    Free Willy and free Steve-O

    MTV proudly reports, that Steve-O did it again. And no, by that we don’t mean any ‘please don’t do it at home Jackass stunts. Our (former) Jackass fave, a known anti SeaWorld activist and PETA member, also and especially ‘gives it all’, when it comes to the matter of protecting mother earth.

    So now, Steve-O found himself in hot water after attempting the (of course) dangerous, attention-grabbing stunt of scaling a huge crane in Hollywood as part of his protest against SeaWorld.

    Steve-O even announced his protest via Facebook, also introducing ‘Shammy’, an inflatable killer-whale toy and his partner in crime:

    ‘This is Shammy. We’re going to do a big dangerous stunt in Los Angeles tomorrow that will probably get me in a lot of trouble, and you can watch it happen via a live stream, right here on Facebook, starting at exactly 7pm PST. See you then… ‪*#‎yeahdude*‬’

    Of course, it didn’t take too long for the police and fire services to make ‘several’ appearances. But this didn’t affect Steve-O’s protest at all, as he kept the camera rolling, keeping fans up-to-date with his stunt on Facebook and Snapchat.

    NBC Los Angeles later reported, that Steve-O eventually was arrested on Sunday night after emergency services rushed to the scene and prepared a cushion in case of a fall.

    It’s been said, that Steve-O climbed down and was taken into custody straight away, facing charges such as, conspiracy to commit a crime, trespassing, setting off explosives (fireworks) within city limits without a permit and filming for personal gain without a permit.

    Well, where is Party Boy when you need him?

    See Steve-O’s full video report below and some other celeb supporters, feat. Harry Styles, who participate very openly in the anti SeaWorld movement.


    Monday, 10. August 2015