9 GIFs that Prove You're A #Harmonizer At Heart

  • 9 GIFs that Prove You're A True #Harmonizer >>>

  • 1. When you learn their choreography so well you legit think you're a member of the band

  • 2. When a 5h song comes on in a club/at a party/in your headphones and you can't help but just...

  • 3. When you see the girls slaying at an awards show and can't contain how proud you are

  • 4. When someone tries to diss 5h and you start lining up all the reasons why they're wrong

  • 5. When a new music video drops and your feels start taking over

  • 6. When your mum refuses to let you spend anymore money on concert tickets

  • 7. When you pass by a car that's blasting worth it through the speakers

  • 8. When the girls absolutely kill another live performance

  • 9. And, of course, when you're constantly feeling the love from your fave girls

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    Cause baby you're worth it.

    In a world full of fandoms, it’s safe to say that #Harmonizers are the best of the bunch.

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    And so to celebrate Fifth Harmony's episode of The Ride, coming soon to MTV, here are nine GIFs that sum up what it’s like feel the BFF vibez with Lauren, Camila, Normani, Ally and Dinah.

    Tuesday, 23. February 2016