Here's your ultimate power-anthem-playlist for International Womens Day

You know who run the world...!

March 8th marks a very important day in the world – especially for us women – as it’s International Women’s Day!

But what the e** does International Women’s Day actually stand for? Well, today is a day where we should ALL celebrate the achievement from women in all walks of life, from business to education to just general awesomeness.

But IWD is also a day, which shall remind us, that there’s still a huge amount to be done to achieve gender parity. Because yes, even if there’s progress being made, it’s slow and in some places of the world even almost non existent.

But because, being a woman is pretty awesome – especially when you have some badass chicks like, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Little Mix having your back – we’ll start the day with blasting out some tracks from our girl power-girls-playlist.

On repeat.

All day long.

Wednesday, 08. March 2017