Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is an English reality show inspired by our American success series, Jersey Shore. This time, the party is in glamorous Newcastle and our MTV cameras catches everything.
    • Geordie Shore #1501


      The lads and lasses are back for an explosive new series and there is an old friend joining the family. It's not long before the gang hit the toon and cracks start to show between old friends.

    • Geordie Shore #1502


      The house wakes up to Chloe and Nathan's friendship in tatters as her Chloe's relationship with Marty gets even more complicated but Sophie thinks she has the answer to a happy family and brings in two new pets. Marnie is missing Aaron.

    • Geordie Shore #1503


      Marnie is getting closer to Aaron as his fight night gets nearer. Marty wants to make peace with Chloe and decides it's time for the both of them to be truthful and stay just friends. Scotty T and Marty are looking forward to a night on the toon.

    • Geordie Shore #1504


      It's Aaron's fight! Marnie gets emotional. Scott & Marty are nowhere to be seen when it's time to get back to the Toon. A naked hot tub party, a food fight and some shag pad action- Just another belter night in the Geordie Shore house!

    • Geordie Shore #1505


      Anna announces that Scotty and Marty won't be coming back. But there's no time to feel down as the gang heads to Rome to show the Italians how to party Geordie style!

    • Geordie Shore #1506


      The Radgies are in Rome and Boss Anna has work for them-show the Romans how to party Geordie style! Nathan is annoyed with Chloe, Gaz and Abbie get closer and Aaron tells Gaz he wants to give it a go with Marnie, but will she feel the same?