Catfish: The TV Show

How do young people who’ve embraced the digital age find love? Often by connecting online with others they’ve never met in person before. These days, typing on iPhones has replaced the dinner date, while emailing through Facebook often substitutes for face-to-face conversations. The problem -- that cute guy you may be falling in love with could be lying about who he really is. Now, from the producers of the hit feature documentary, Catfish, comes a new MTV series that brings together couples who’ve interacted solely through LCD screens. Over the course of months they’ve supposedly fallen in love -- but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time? With the guidance and help of Nev Schulman, the star of the original Catfish, in each episode, a hopeful romantic partner will go on an emotional trip to discover the truth about their significant other. Is he who he says he is? And if so, will love truly blossom? These emotional journeys promise to be filled with mystery, surprises, and sometimes, even shocking revelations.
    • Catfish: The TV Show #201

      Cassie & Steve

      Cassie was on a downward spiral until she got a friend request from a rapper named Steve. He became the positive influence she needed to turn her life around. 2 ½ years later, Cassie and Steve are engaged–only they’ve never met.

    • Catfish: The TV Show #202

      Anthony & Marq

      Anthony is a Iraq War veteran who wears his Purple Heart on his sleeve. Over a year ago, he bonded online with a caring, emotionally available man named Marq. Today, they’re head over heels in love – but what is Marq hiding?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #203

      Ramon & Paola

      Ramon’s one shining glimmer of happiness is Paola, a girl he met on Facebook and established an exclusive online relationship with. But after many failed attempts to video chat with Paola, is she really who he thinks she is?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #204

      Lauren & Derek

      Lauren met Derek on MySpace years ago, yet they’ve never met in real life. Derek is caring, supporting Lauren after she had a baby with a former boyfriend. Lauren thinks Derek could be the one, so why has he avoided meeting her?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #205

      Dorion & Jeszica

      Dorion is torn between his current girlfriend, Raffinee, and his online love, Jeszica. Dorion is willing to give up everything for Jeszica, including Raffinee. Dorion wants to know, is Jeszica really the girl in the pictures?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #206

      Jen & Skylar

      After being bullied in her past, Jen relies on online communities to establish relationships. After meeting Skylar online, Jen and Skylar immediately hit it off. But they’ve never met in person. Will consent to a visit from Jen?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #207

      Mike & Kristen

      Years ago, Mike met Kristen on Facebook. They quickly forged a deep connection, but Mike’s frequent efforts to meet Kristen have been futile. He’s convinced she could be the one. Will Mike finally get face-to-face with Kristen?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #208

      Jesse & Brian

      When Jesse met Brian on Facebook, she thought she’d hit the jackpot. They made plans to meet, but Brian stood her up. Now, years later, Brian has asked her to live with him. But, she can’t stop wondering – what is Brian hiding?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #209

      Artis & Jess

      5 months ago, Artis met Jess, a blonde beauty, online. Artis and Jess each were in relationships, but believed they’d found true love. Artis is finally ready to meet Jess in person. But is Jess everything that she says she is?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #210

      Ashley & Mike

      For over seven years, Ashley has sent dramatically altered photos of herself to her soul mate, Mike, to make her look thinner and more attractive to him.

    • Catfish: The TV Show #211

      Aaliyah & Alicia

      Aaliyah has been able to share her life struggles from with her first girlfriend Alicia. However, despite living only 70 blocks away, Alicia refuses to meet Aaliyah since she hasn't come out to her friends and family yet.

    • Catfish: The TV Show #213

      Nick & Melissa

      Nick and Melissa fell in love when they met on an online chat room when they were 12. Now 18, Nick is ready to finally ready to meet Melissa. But is Melissa the real deal or has Nick been entangled in lies?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #214

      Derek & Kristen

      After some bad luck with girls, Derek meets Kristen on Facebook. After developing a deep love for each other, Derek’s ready to meet her. But Kristen always has an excuse. Is Kristen his dream girl, or is Derek out of luck again?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #215

      Keyonnah & Bow Wow

      Superfan Keyonnah can hardly believe her good fortune, but she’s almost certain that she’s been having an online relationship with her childhood crush, the rapper Bow Wow. Is this relationship to good to be true?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #216

      Mike and Caroline

      Mike fell in love with Caroline online. He grew suspicious when she continually evaded to meet him, yet left notes at his car. Mike then learns that she is diagnosed with cancer. Is Caroline an imposter or is she just afraid?