Teen Mom 3

They may no longer be sixteen and pregnant – but on the emotional first season of Teen Mom 3, four young women find that balancing motherhood with the stresses of their teenage years is more difficult than they could have ever imagined. When we last saw Mackenzie, Katie, Briana, and Alex, they were slowly adjusting to the first weeks of caring for a newborn. Now, they're knee deep in their role as parents, while also attempting to survive being teens.
    • Teen Mom 3 #101

      Hope For The Best

      Briana's ex, Devoin, provokes her to take legal action against him. Katie fights with Joey over responsibility. Alex’s ex, Matt returns from rehab, questioning the relationship. Mackenzie fights with Josh on 2yr anniversary.

    • Teen Mom 3 #102

      Second Thoughts

      Briana reconsiders her decision to file an order of protection against Devoin. Mackenzie wants Josh to move in with her family, and Alex struggles to trust Matt. Joey has an unexpected question to ask Katie.

    • Teen Mom 3 #103

      Growing Up Fast

      Katie and Joey clash over finances and Briana lets Devoin babysit Nova for the first time. Alex and Matt work on their relationship while Mackenzie goes behind her mom's back and gets on birth control.

    • Teen Mom 3 #104

      Pushing The Envelope

      Mackenzie and Josh go to prom, and Briana is overwhelmed with baby expenses. Katie and Joey decide to go to counseling, and Alex finds out that Matt has been talking to another girl.

    • Teen Mom 3 #105

      Moving Forward

      Briana's sister Brittney goes on a road trip, leaving Briana behind, and Alex and Matt attempt to work on their issues. Mackenzie and Josh go to the first rodeo of the season. Against Joey's wishes Katie models in fashion show.

    • Teen Mom 3 #106

      To be Judged

      Briana makes a decision about Devoin's role in her daughter's life. Katie is suspicious of Joey's extracurricular activities. Alex pushes Matt away for good. Mackenzie tries to support Josh as he competes at his first rodeo.

    • Teen Mom 3 #107

      Into the Distance

      Briana finally faces Devoin in court. Katie urges Joey to consider a new job offer. Mackenzie struggles with Josh when he puts rodeo before her, and Alex is shocked when Matt rejects a life-changing offer.

    • Teen Mom 3 #108

      Some Days Matter More

      Tension rises between the sisters when Briana starts college. Katie struggles to accept Joey’s graveyard shift attitude. Alex decides to go to prom, and Mackenzie and Josh are barely communicating on Father’s Day.

    • Teen Mom 3 #109

      Don't Lie To Me

      Briana decides to get on birth control, and Alex accuses her mom of losing prized possessions. Katie’s birthday turns into a disaster, and Mackenzie discovers that Josh has been lying to her for a long time.

    • Teen Mom 3 #110

      Strike Out Alone

      Briana celebrates her birthday behind her mom's back, and Alex starts dating a new guy. Mackenzie goes on a camping trip to forget about Josh, while Katie and Joey's relationship reaches a breaking point.

    • Teen Mom 3 #111

      The Truth Hurts

      Mackenzie is heartbroken about Josh but decides not to chase after him. Briana wants to start dating but her mom is extremely against it. Alex goes out for the first time since having Arabella, and Katie is stunned at how quickly Joey has moved on.

    • Teen Mom 3 #112

      Taking Changes

      Briana pursues a secret relationship, while Alex invites Matt to celebrate Arabella's first birthday. Katie lets Joey take care of Molli for the weekend, and Mackenzie and her parents don't see eye-to-eye.

    • Teen Mom 3 #113

      For Better or Worse

      Katie wants to celebrate Molli's first birthday with Joey, while Briana surprisingly reaches out to Devoin. Alex tries to co-parent with Matt, and Mackenzie and Josh disagree on what it means to be a family.