Ex on the Beach

What happens when eight smoking hot single guys and girls arrive in paradise for a dream holiday of sun, sea, sex and good times? Well if only life was that simple, because just as things get off to a sizzling start, MTV bring in their Exes to break up the party - one by one!
    • Ex on the Beach #901

      The new search for love begins on the beaches of Mexico. Chelsea Socialite Daisy latches onto Aaron and Essex boy Bobby makes a move on Rhianne, but will the first 'EX' throw a spanner in the works?

    • Ex on the Beach #902

      The dating continues as Bobby and Bayley head for a heart to heart. Arron's head gets turned but will he stray from Daisy and three new arrivals rock the villa to its core and someone has to leave.

    • Ex on the Beach #903

      Aaron breaks away from Daisy but can he win over Dominika? A new Ex arrives and threatens to destroy Bobby and Bayley's relationship.

    • Ex on the Beach #904

      Bobby is left heartbroken by Bayley and Daisy is only too happy to pick up the pieces. Aaron continues to pursue Dominika and a VIP arrival brings drama to the villa as one couple must go home.

    • Ex on the Beach #905

      Will a new arrival spell happiness for Josiah? There's a double blow for Daisy as she's left devastated by her ex Matty and her friendship with the girls is in tatters as his affections move to Natalee.