Just tattoo of us

Explosive new tattoo series, where hosts Charlotte & Bear put relationships to the test. Couples design surprise tattoos for each other but don’t see the new ink until it’s already on their skin forever!
    • Just tattoo of us #202


      Best friend’s PJ and Harrison reduce each other to tears with some of the most shocking tattoos we’ve ever seen and controlling girlfriend Imogen is left speechless by her boyfriend Kyle’s design for her.

    • Just tattoo of us #203


      Singers Sam Callaghan and Jude Read take their friendship with extreme tats, while fiancés Gareth and Declan jeopardise their wedding. And Connor and Jade's relationship could be doomed after a devastating tattoo.

    • Just tattoo of us #204


      Blood might not be thicker than ink for famous brothers Chet & Casey.  Best friends Ellis & John-Paul try to out banter each other with devastating consequences. And one inking is about to change two girl’s lives forever.

    • Just tattoo of us #205


      Newlyweds Brad and Bella design crazy tattoos for each other. Big Brother couple Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge fail the tattoo trust test.  While Sophie and Lauren of Slut and Gorilla fame from series 1, return for revenge.

    • Just tattoo of us #206


      Australian reality stars Imogen Anthony and Krystal Dawson fly in from down under to get inked and siblings Alicia and Troy have a massive family fall out. Couple Beth and George risk their future together with their designs.

    • Just tattoo of us #207


      Best friends Naomi and Terri push their friendship to breaking point with two personal tattoos while workmates Billy and Joe try to outdo each other and ex-lovers Ollie and Maisie ink the hard truths about their relationship.

    • Just tattoo of us #208


      Geordie Shore’s Abbie and Mother Zoe see if Mum’s the word while best mates Pat and Will see if they’re heavyweight friends or lightweight losers. Kirstie and Elise risk leaving their friendship in tatters on the tattoo floor

    • Just tattoo of us #209


      Love Island’s Alex and Olivia push each other to breaking point, frenemies Alicia and Louise from Series 1 are back to out-do each other. And the writing may be on the wall for terrible twosome Chelsea and Brooke’s friendship.

    • Just tattoo of us #210


      Footballer Jamie and party boy Robert are putting their friendship and their skin on the line, but can they trust each other? And Bridie and Trey are about to realise the naked truth of their relationship.