Game of Clones

Game of Clones is a fantasy come true that re-writes the laws of attraction. In each episode, one of your favorite MTV stars gets the chance to date 7 exact clones of their celebrity crush.
    • Game of Clones #101

      Clones Are Here!

      DJ Pauly D steps out of the smoosh room and into a new dating experiment to find love by dating 7 clones of his dream girl Megan Fox. While “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry takes shots of Quavo in an attempt to take her love life from solo act to a duet.

    • Game of Clones #102

      Clone Culture

      DJ Pauly D must choose his one and Clonely. While Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry, gets showered with flowers, poetry, and attention by her Quavos look-a-likes. The Challenge’s Nicole Zanatta takes the leap and meets her seven stunning Ciaraclones.

    • Game of Clones #103

      Clones Make it Twerk

      Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry hopes to find love amongst her 3 A- Migos. The Challenge’s Nicole Zanatta tries to figure out which Ciara clones are worth keeping, while Ex on the Beach’s Derrick Henry gets introduced to his supermodel Gigi Hadid clones.

    • Game of Clones #104

      Super Model Citizens

      Nicole Zanatta’s sister turns up and makes her rethink everything before making a final choice. Ex On The Beach’s Derrick Henry takes his supermodel clones out on the town and MTV’s Queen Kam swings in and falls for her seven clones of The Rock.

    • Game of Clones #105

      Kam On the Rocks

      The Challenge 's Nicole Zanatta and Ex On The Beach star Derrick Henry each choose the clone they want to be with forever, while Killa Kam takes her remaining Rocks look a likes into her world to see how fits in.

    • Game of Clones #106

      Cara Maria and Her Man-Oas

      The Challenge’s Cara Maria meets her seven Jason Momoas look-a-likes while Killa Kam is on roll as she chooses her final Rock clone.

    • Game of Clones #107

      Leroy Waits for Tonight

      Things get real in Leroy Garrett’s world when he’s introduced to seven J Lo clones and Cara Maria discovers a shocking secret about one of her clones on social media that changes everything.

    • Game of Clones #108

      Final One and Clonely

      This dating experiment is over for The Challenge’s Leroy Garrett when he chooses his one true clone mate while Cara Maria takes revenge on a lying and cheating Momoa clone before selecting her final clone.