1. See the Northern Lights

One of the world’s most incredible natural phenomena, the Northern Lights - or Aurora - is essentially nature’s light show, and 100% one to see before you kick the bucket.

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We love this moment @tomarcherphoto created in Norway Remember to tag us or use #creativetravelcouples for YOUR chance to be featured!

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2. Swim with turtles in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are home to one of the largest colony of turtles in the East Pacific Ocean. Great news for them, and great news for snorkelers - who often find themselves surrounded by the giant creatures. It’s not just turtles you’re likely to have as swimming mates either: sea lions, eagle rays, fish and penguins all inhabit the waters of this amazing place.

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The Galápagos Islands are home to some of the most friendly green sea turtles. Thanks to the protection granted by the marine reserve, the Galápagos population is one of the few globally in the rise. What are you waiting for a great session of #snorkelling among #ninjaturtles and #enchanted mangroves!? #seaturtle #galapagos

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3. Visit Hogwarts

Wingardium LeviOHMYGAHD: the wizarding world of Harry Potter exists, and it’s in Universal Studios, Orlando. OK, so you’re not likely to bump into Neville Longbottom post-glow up, but what with the castle, Hogsmeade, and a Diagon Alley that looks EXACTLY like the film, magic has never felt more real.

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First day of school pics at Hogwarts

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4. Go dune surfing in New Zealand

The Ahipara sand dunes are worth visiting for the views alone - but it also doesn’t get much more fun than surfing down huge piles of sand. Don’t worry if your balance sucks either - lie flat and body board it down.

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️Sanddunesurfing at Ahipara - this is real fun! #sanddunes #sandduneahipara #sanddunesurfing #sandsurfen #surfen #surfing #dunes #nz #newzealand #ahipara #northland #northisland #fun #sandy #sandiseverywhere #girl #surfergirl

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5. Skydive in Mission Beach, Australia

One of the few places in the world that allows skydivers to land on the actual beach (and OH, what a beach it is). Enough said, really.

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체감속도 2000km/h #호주 #여행 #케언즈 #미션비치 #스카이다이빙 #australia #missionbeach #cairns #skydiving #sydney #daily #travel

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6. Stay in a glass igloo in Finland

Snuggled up in a warm duvet under the stars in your own private igloo. What about this scenario doesn’t scream ‘dreamy’? You might even get lucky and see the Northern Lights.

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KAKSLAUTTANEN ARTIC RESORT, SODANKLYA FINLAND #finland #kakslauttanenarcticresort #artic #resort #sodankylä #finland #beauty #beautifulfinland #northernlights #aurora #photography #photographer #photoshoot #love #lovenature #lovenature #naturephotography #naturelovers #nature_lovers #natgeoyourshot #naturephotography #natgeo #natgeography #finland_photolovers #finlandnature

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7. Have breakfast with a giraffe

Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, lives up to its name. The boutique hotel is set in grounds home to a herd of Rothschild’s giraffe - who delight guests by poking their long necks through the windows at meal times in the hope of a tasty treat. Iconic.

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Are you sick of posts about giraffes yet?

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8. Zipline above bears in Whistler

The Canadian ski resort isn’t just about hitting the slopes - because you can also fly ABOVE the slopes, thanks to Ziptrek. Also underneath your feet? Towering trees, rushing creeks, and (occasionally), bears. Oh my.

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Racing through the forest... 3-2-1 GO! #OnlyInWhistler #ZiptrekWhistler : @kitchinh2

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9. Have a drink at the world’s tallest bar in Hong Kong

Yep, Ozone at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is the tallest bar in the world. We’ll toast to that.

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118 floor #2 the highest bar in the world (after Dubai 122 floor) #2 самый высокий бар в мире (после Дубаи 122 эт) #ozonebar

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10. Visit the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

If you’re going to open a themed restaurant in Japan, robots seems like a safe bet, right? Right. Featuring shows, robotic dancers, lasers and more, this is peak Tokyo.

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Day 1 in Japan. Tokyo is full of wierd and wonderful things . . . #robotsCANplayguitars #tokyo #japan #robotrestaurant #eatinginthefuture #howsushishouldbeserved @marybirkeland @nbagge

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11. Rave in the American desert

Embrace your inner Kendall Jenner / Vanessa Hudgens / [Insert celeb name of choice here] and hit up Coachella for those desert festival vibes. OR go hardcore and opt for the not-a-festival-but-an-experience Burning Man instead - a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, where goods and services can only be traded, not bought. Your money’s no use here, son.

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The Orb. This artwork was inspired by NASA’s Project Echo. It became a massive landmark on the playa with its epic scale, making it into a meeting point and an arena for performances. During dust storms it looked like a distant planet in the atmosphere. Created by Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange, and I, Orbot. . . #orb #burningman2018 #djidrones #burningman #phantom4 #fromwhereidrone #dji #phantom4pro #ball

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12. Climb Kilimanjaro

For those who like a challenge, ‘Kili’ (that’s what the cool kids call it, right?) in Tanzania takes around five to nine days to summit. Be warned though, stats reckon less than half of climbers actually reach the top. In other words: it ain’t easy.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro / 5895 m / Africa's Highest Point / One of the World's Largest Volcanoes

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13. Get covered in tomatoes in Spain

The last Wednesday of August is a messy one in the town of Bunol, near Valencia in Spain. Why? Because that’s when La Tomatina takes place - an infamous tomato fight attended by thousands from all over the globe. Probably don’t wear your favourite outfit. Just a thought.

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I love you from my head to-ma-toes La Tomatina 2018 ::::::::: What better way to experience some culture than to take part in the largest food fight here in Spain. It has been one hell of a day and this festival was beyond my expectations . I mean I knew what was coming, but this experience was insane . I think it’s safe to say I won’t be eating tomatoes for a while. #latomatina

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14. Visit Oktoberfest in Munich

Dig out your lederhosen, build up those biceps (beer steins are heavy), and attend Munich’s famous beer festival - an annual event that’s been taking place since 1850. Prost!

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O rei bávaro Ludwig I criou um festival de cerveja para celebrar seu casamento em 1814. Assim começou esta que é reconhecida como uma das mais tradicionais festas do mundo. E que festa! O ambiente não poderia ser mais animado. Hoje a Oktoberfest é uma enorme feira com parque de diversões, e que conta com a participacao das 6 principais cervejarias de Munique: Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner e Spaten. As cervejas, feitas especialmente para o evento, são servidas em canecas de 1 litro e somente para quem conseguir lugar em uma das disputadas mesas. Então chegue bem cedo, escolha uma das casas e entre no clima! É uma ótima oportunidade também para apreciar a deliciosa culinária alemã. Se quiser uma experiência completa faça como a maioria das pessoas e use os tradicionais trajes dirndl (feminino) ou lederhosen (masculino). Quem já foi na Oktoberfest? Deixe suas dicas da festa nos comentários! Ein Prosit! #tryexbeerience #oktoberfest #munchen #oktoberfestmunich #munique #beer #viagens #turismo #cerveja #tourcervejeiro #beertour #beertourism #beertours #exBEERience #paulaner #hofbräu #spaten #augustiner #hackerpschorr #lowenbrau

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