Ariana Grande has to be carried everywhere

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After a snap of Ari being carried by her tour manager did the rounds on social media, the singer found herself having to address the bizarre rumour on The Late Late Show With James Corden. But it turns out it was just a one time thing because her toes were bleeding and she was in really quite a lot of pain. Case closed, your honour.

Camila Cabello is expecting a baby

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Once upon a time Camila posted a picture of herself slightly holding her very flat stomach, along with the caption: 'You're the only thing I did right.' The world thought that meant she was pregnant, when it was in fact a food baby situation. The End.

One Direction are getting back together

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The guys lived a day in the lives of astronauts for their #DragMeDown music video. Do you remember which one of the guys almost had an all-out battle with an alien during the video shoot? If you missed out on the behind-the-scenes action the first time, you can watch now at: #HondaCivicTour @HondaStage Photo: Cal Aurand

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This is a rumour that does the rounds on a monthly basis, as both Liam and Zayn found themselves denying a reunion is on the cards for the near future. Liam insists that they mustn't 'rush things', but we're not buying it.

Kylie Jenner's bodyguard is the father of her baby

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ugh i love you so much. a living breathing piece of my heart ️

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The Internet was full to the brim of chatter surrounding the real baby daddy of Kylie Jenner's newest arrival, as word got around that it was her bodyguard Tim Chung's daughter. Thankfully the beautiful man issued a statement explaining this is far from the truth, and that he even thinks the rumours are 'laughable'.

Harry Styles is going to be the next James Bond

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Mexico City One, Live On Tour.

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A friend of Dunkirk and James Bond director Christopher Nolan claimed that Harry Styles would be a great fit for the role if they were going with someone younger. Alas Daniel Craig is sticking around until 2022, so we'll just have to wait this one out.