This girl looks just like Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has a TikTok twin and fans are losing their minds.

There are a lot of celebrity lookalikes out there but Paige Niemann might be the best one yet. The 14-year-old from California looks exactly like Ariana Grande.

It's mindblowing how similar they are...

According to Daily Mail, Paige Niemann first heard that she looked like Ariana Grande when she was 10 years old. She started uploading videos to TikTok where she imitated the star and today her account has over 1,6 million followers.

Their striking resemblance has gained a lot of attention from fans and even Ariana Grande herself has reacted. The artist commented on Twitter this week:

Paige has been an Ariana-fan for several years and was thrilled when she captured Ariana Grande's attention.

“I was so shocked that she would notice me,” Paige told Teen Vogue. “I was shaking. I was, like, really happy.”

Check out more pictures of Ariana Grande's doppelganger below.

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You’re what I adore babe 💓

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